Walmart Aisle Robot

Theyre checking for out of stock ite. The robots are designed to detect low inventory price discrepancies as well as incorrect labels.

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The inventory scanning robot is well traveled.

Walmart aisle robot. Badger technologies is launching multipurpose aisle scanning robots at woodmans markets stores throughout illinois and wisconsin and plans to expand to all 18 store locations by the end of 2020 according to a press release. Tech reporter rich demuro takes a look at new bossa nova robots roaming the aisles at a walmart in burbank california. Its kind has captured more than 3 billion images across 24000 miles of walmart shelving all at speeds of less than a half mile per hour.

This robot is making sure grocery shelves are always stocked bossa nova robots can scan grocery shelves 3 times faster than humans. But the company has also slowly been rolling out robots that roam. Walmart is using them in dozens of it stores.

One of americas largest retailers wal mart has deployed roving robots in 50 stores across the us. When it sees a qualifying event the robot sends an alert to employees for resolution. All that robot has to do is just roll down the middle of each aisle at a leisurely pace and it can read everything with an almost perfect accuracy.

Then theres the statement from bossa nova about how they collect terabytes of data that retailers use to increase on shelf availability and improve the shopping experience. For years walmart has been automating its warehouses with robots that can pack and sort items as they zoom along conveyor belts. In addition to walmarts highly automated warehouses the retail conglomerate has slowly started introducing robots to its store aisles beginning with 50 stores in 2017 and increasing to 350.

The robots will be used to monitor product availability verify prices. An executive at bossa nova robotics explained how walmart uses the startups robots at 50 stores to track inventory.

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